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How America morphed into ‘Bizarro World’ (2013-9-20)

As part of my well-rounded childhood, growing up during the 1950s in suburban Washington, D.C., I read Superman comic books. That’s right. Also Superboy, Batman and Robin, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and others – but my favorite was Superman. And one of the most memorable characters in those adventures was a guy named […]

Progressives Destroy Language (2013-8-26)

On August 23rd, 2013 the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that in the name of “tolerance” Christian photographers can now be “forced” to photograph same-sex weddings. One has to wonder what will be forced upon Christians next in the name of “tolerance”. Will Christian doctors be forced to murder unborn babies in the womb? Will […]

Political Correctness = Cultural Marxism (2013-8-17)

In most totalitarian regimes, if someone disrespects their nations glorious, god-like, imperious leader in any way, shape, or form, they usually find themselves arrested and sent to a reeducation camp, or are just efficiently executed. North Korea is like that to this very day. Kim Jong-un is worshiped as a god, and heaven help any […]

Mankind’s Utopian Vision Never Changes (2013-7-26)

  On the left is Brueghel’s famous painting of the unfinished Tower of Babel. On the right is the finished EU Parliament Building in Strasbourg France. The EU Motto is: “United in diversity.” . Speaking on Wednesday at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, Obama shared his latest utopian vision for America. Out of our failing […]

The “Demolishing Strongholds” video links are finally working again! (2013-7-23)

  If you have not watched them before, please go watch the Demolishing Strongholds videos produced by Answers in Genesis. They are an awesome tool for teaching Christians of all ages how to defend the faith, engage the counter culture, and also how to discern truth from fiction: . War of the Worldviews Evolution in […]