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The Dangers of Following False Ideologies (2012-9-20)

One of the most frightening facts about Americans today is that most do not even know what truth is anymore. So, instead of seeking the truth concerning philosophy, religion, politics, ethics, economics, sociology, law, and history, most just blindly follow a particular systematic body of concepts  (i.e. an ideology) which “feels right to them”. The […]

Comments on 2011's Top Faith Stories (2012-1-13)

This week Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries (a fantastic discernment ministry) posted her picks for the “The Top Faith Stories of 2011.” I believe her list accurately shows the current trends and direction of the Church, America, and the world at large quite well. I have commented briefly on each news event below. Please […]

Using the Law of Contradiction with Scripture (2011-10-27)

There is no greater principle in rational thinking then the Second Law of Logic, which is the Law of Contradiction (also commonly known as the Law of Non-Contradiction). I have discussed this Law before, but I should discuss it again, since it is vitally important for anyone who desires to become more discerning. The Law […]

Literal Interpretation of Scripture (2011-9-13)

Fiddler on the Roof is a musical whose story centers on a Jewish father who is living in Tsarist Russia back in 1905. He has several daughters and is trying to fight off an onslaught of outside influences, while maintaining his families Jewish traditions. One song in the musical has everyone in the family basically […]