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Lucy—She’s No Lady! (2012-7-4)

The last part of this clip from “Lucy—She’s No Lady!” is absolutely hilarious!!! Dr. David Menton of Answers in Genesis leaves no doubt that the famous missing link “Lucy” fossils belong to a knuckle-walking, apelike creature . . . who was not a lady! Watch in utter amazement near the end, as the famous humanist […]

God of Wonders (2011-11-13)

God’s wonders surround us, and the marvels we see reveal much about our Creator. Through creation we glimpse His power, wisdom, majesty and care. God’s creation is speaking to those who will listen. God of Wonders is a breath-taking 85 minute tour of God’s creative wonders, visible and invisible, and the greatest wonder of all […]

Evolution: Truth vs. Fiction (2011-11-11)

This excellent two part video is from Answers in Genesis. Carl Kerby explains why Darwin’s theory of Evolution does not have a leg to stand on today, yet is still being taught as scientific fact. Christian scientists and secular scientists share the same scientific facts, but they start with different biases and presuppositions. After watching […]

Immersed in Evolutionist Propaganda (2011-11-9)

We are immersed in a culture which teaches a secular humanist worldview. These days, public schools, Hollywood movies, even cartoons, firmly teach that Darwin’s “theory” of Evolution (molecules to man) is a scientific “fact”. But, nothing could be further from the truth. As Christians who hold to a proper Biblical worldview, we not only need […]

Where Were you When I laid the Foundations of the Earth? (2011-8-16)

It is an exciting time to be alive if you are a Christian and stand upon God’s infallible Word. Almost every day new discoveries are made in Biology, Archeology, Astronomy, Paleontology, and Geology which keep confirming the accuracy of the Bible. Unfortunately, I still often read books and articles by well intentioned Christians which basically […]