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Romans 13 – Must Christians Submit to Government? (2013-1-18)

I keep hearing well intentioned Christians claim that we must fully submit and obey our “earthly rulers”. As evidence, they almost universally quote Romans 13:1. For example, a fellow Christian recently wrote in a commentary (after listing four years of criminal acts and abuses by the current administration) that: “I for one am going to […]

The Attributes of God (2012-12-30)

In our Christian walk to better understand and follow our LORD (YHWH), I highly recommend spending time thinking about His numerous divine attributes as clearly revealed to us in the Bible (Revealed Theology), but also through logic, reason, science, nature, and ordinary experience (Natural Theology). One thing to keep in mind though, is since God […]

Arm Yourself for Battle (2012-3-8)

In 2009, The Barna Group conducted a nationwide survey among adult Christians in America. The results were consistent with many other recent studies which have shown that the vast majority of the Church in America today is completely apostate. Barna found that a majority of the Christians surveyed (59%), did not believe that Satan was […]

Using the Law of Contradiction with Scripture (2011-10-27)

There is no greater principle in rational thinking then the Second Law of Logic, which is the Law of Contradiction (also commonly known as the Law of Non-Contradiction). I have discussed this Law before, but I should discuss it again, since it is vitally important for anyone who desires to become more discerning. The Law […]

The War for America's Soul (2011-10-25)

David Kupelian is the author of How Evil Works and has written a wonderful article for WND which explains the spiritual battle taking place today in America and throughout the world. Anyone with even an ounce of decency, morality, and  discernment can see that most of the world is currently operating upside down. Evil is […]