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Bill O’Reilly Condemns Christians who Condemn Sin (2013-12-23)

I don’t have a bone to pick with Bill O’Reilly. I really don’t. Sometimes he is right and sometimes he is wrong – it’s a roll of the dice. Because of that I almost never watch his show. He just isn’t what this Christian would consider a sincere seeker of truth, since he usually only […]

Arm Yourself for Battle (2012-3-8)

In 2009, The Barna Group conducted a nationwide survey among adult Christians in America. The results were consistent with many other recent studies which have shown that the vast majority of the Church in America today is completely apostate. Barna found that a majority of the Christians surveyed (59%), did not believe that Satan was […]

Comments on 2011's Top Faith Stories (2012-1-13)

This week Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries (a fantastic discernment ministry) posted her picks for the “The Top Faith Stories of 2011.” I believe her list accurately shows the current trends and direction of the Church, America, and the world at large quite well. I have commented briefly on each news event below. Please […]

What Fellowship has Light with Darkness? (2012-1-4)

Last week, The Barna Group published their annual findings concerning the changing role of Christianity in America. Not surprisingly their findings were not very encouraging.  According to Barna 41% of all American adults are unable to identify even a single individual who they consider to be an influential Christian and 59% of Americans believe the […]

Truth, Christianity, and Religion (2011-11-28)

I received a wonderful email from a professing Christian last week. Her questions and objections concerning Christianity are extremely common today, largely because many churches are apostate and also because few teach anything about absolute truth, church history, end-time events, and Christian apologetics, let alone refute moral relativism and secular humanism. I hope my open […]