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The “Demolishing Strongholds” video links are finally working again! (2013-7-23)

  If you have not watched them before, please go watch the Demolishing Strongholds videos produced by Answers in Genesis. They are an awesome tool for teaching Christians of all ages how to defend the faith, engage the counter culture, and also how to discern truth from fiction: . War of the Worldviews Evolution in […] “We proclaim Jesus Christ!” (2012-12-24)

You’ve probably already seen the above photo of the huge 2012 Christmas billboard proudly being displayed in New York City’s Time Square which compares Santa Claus to the crucified Jesus of Nazareth. The sign reads: “Keep the Merry! Dump the Myth!” The billboard was paid for by the religious non-profit organization American Atheists ( which […]

The World’s Religions – Defined (2012-4-14)

(Click the above image to enlarge. Then left click that image to save and print off your Religious Worldview Chart. Use landscape mode for best results.) Secular humanism is a man-made religion that teaches that man is the ultimate authority on all matters, not God. This religion claims that God flat out does not exist […]

Mr. Atheist, Why do you wear clothes? (2012-4-4)

Below is an extremely amusing account by Christian speaker, writer, and researcher Bodie Hodge from Answers in Genesis. Enjoy!: . “One day I was called to deal with an evolutionary atheist who was questioning a young Christian lady. As I approached, the atheist was firing off question after question to the lady and not even permitting […]

America’s Real Problem (2012-3-17)

On March 2nd, Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron, once the childhood star of the 80′s TV show Growing Pains, was interviewed on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.  Kirk Cameron was attempting to promote his new documentary “Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure”, which is about American history, the nations current decline, and our Founding Fathers. Well, […]