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Standing up to Tyranny (2014-4-26)

. A new scientific study jointly conducted by Princeton and Northwestern universities has concluded that the United States of America is no longer a democracy, let alone a constitutional republic as envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Rather, it has become an oligarchy run by a few very powerful ruling elites and special interests. The study […]

The War for America's Soul (2011-10-25)

David Kupelian is the author of How Evil Works and has written a wonderful article for WND which explains the spiritual battle taking place today in America and throughout the world. Anyone with even an ounce of decency, morality, and  discernment can see that most of the world is currently operating upside down. Evil is […]

Lawlessness will Abound (2011-8-9)

The photo’s of the London riots are staggering. Riots and flash mobs are occurring all over the world, and the numbers are growing exponentially. In the mean time, the government in the United States has become so corrupt it won’t even bother to attempt to secure our southern border, get permission from congress anymore when […]