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ISIS and the perilous times to come (2014-9-12)

The Bible is clear that the closer we get to the Tribulation the worse the world will get. Jesus gave us numerous signs to watch for concerning His soon return. One of the major signs is an increase of wars and rumors of wars: “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See […]

The Subversion of the U.S. Government (2014-5-28)

If you are an American between the ages of 40 and 80 you were probably taught in public school about the “The Holocaust”, but not the “The Terror Famine”. That’s because The Terror Famine goes against the Marxist inspired “narrative” that the communists/progressives wanted planted inside our skulls as children. The Terror Famine was when […]

The Dangers of Following False Ideologies (2012-9-20)

One of the most frightening facts about Americans today is that most do not even know what truth is anymore. So, instead of seeking the truth concerning philosophy, religion, politics, ethics, economics, sociology, law, and history, most just blindly follow a particular systematic body of concepts  (i.e. an ideology) which “feels right to them”. The […]

What Fellowship has Light with Darkness? (2012-1-4)

Last week, The Barna Group published their annual findings concerning the changing role of Christianity in America. Not surprisingly their findings were not very encouraging.  According to Barna 41% of all American adults are unable to identify even a single individual who they consider to be an influential Christian and 59% of Americans believe the […]