Archive for the ‘Historical Evidence’ Category “We proclaim Jesus Christ!” (2012-12-24)

You’ve probably already seen the above photo of the huge 2012 Christmas billboard proudly being displayed in New York City’s Time Square which compares Santa Claus to the crucified Jesus of Nazareth. The sign reads: “Keep the Merry! Dump the Myth!” The billboard was paid for by the religious non-profit organization American Atheists ( which […]

Has the New Testament Evolved over the Centuries? (2011-7-22)

The attack on the divinely inspired Word of God continues relentlessly. This week, I read an amazingly skewed article by National Public Radio entitled: “How Bible Stories Evolved Over the Centuries”. Notice how strongly the articles title re-enforces the notion that the Bible is just a bunch of man-made myths, fairy tales, and childrens stories […]