Remembering the World’s Most Beloved Terrorist

mandela at communist ANC 1990

Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela, and Russian Yossel “Joe” Slova at an ANC rally in 1990

Our fallen world is a rather insane place. For instance, if a man came to this planet, lived a sinless life, proclaimed the good news of salvation and eternal life, did a ministry of miracles, healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and fed the poor, one might think he wouldn’t be nailed to a cross for it. So, should we be surprised today when almost the entire world mourned the loss of an extremely violent communist revolutionary who targeted and murdered countless innocent civilians? No.

On December 10 2013, over 75 presidents, prime ministers, royalty, and communist dictators converged upon Johannesburg South Africa to pay their last respects to the world’s most beloved communist revolutionary and terrorist — Nelson Mandela.

Now I can hear someone scream: “But, Nelson Mandela helped end apartheid!!!”

That is true, Mandela did help end apartheid which was a very evil system. But, Mandela’s “methods” which he used to end apartheid were far worse and more evil than apartheid itself. The true historical facts concerning Nelson Mandela will be news to many, primarily because the western mainstream media refuses to report the truth, Hollywood produces hard left propaganda, and the public schools don’t teach history in context.

The list of dignitaries who attended Mandela’s memorial was extremely impressive. Barack Obama and first lady Michelle were there, as well as former presidents George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary. They were all there sitting right along side communist butchers such as Cuban President Raul “The Executioner” Castro and Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

Oddly enough (or maybe not), when former British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher died last April, no living U.S. Presidents attended her funeral to show their respect, even though she helped bring down the Berlin Wall which freed millions from the tyranny of communism. Not one!

Why is that? Could it be that our former American presidents since Reagan have more, ideologically speaking, in common with communists and two-bit murdering dictators than with capitalism, liberty, justice, and freedom?

During the memorial to the beloved Nelson Mandela, speakers seemed to gloss over numerous major historical facts. For example, Obama compared the former South African president to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., but he failed to mention that Mandela was a militant communist revolutionary and a professional terrorist. Nelson Mandela was in fact not only a secret member of the South African Communist Party (SACP), but a member of the SACP’s Central Committee and he kept close connections with them to the very last. The SACP brags about this fact on their own website:

“At his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was not only a member of the then underground South African Communist Party, but was also a member of our Party’s Central Committee. To us as South African communists, Cde [Comrade] Mandela shall forever symbolize the monumental contribution of the SACP in our liberation struggle. The contribution of communists in the struggle to achieve the South African freedom has very few parallels in the history of our country. After his release from prison in 1990, Cde [Comrade] Madiba became a great and close friend of the communists till his last days.”

But it gets much worse. Nelson Mandela was also the head of the revolutionary terrorist wing of the communist African National Congress (ANC) called the “Umkhonto we Sizwe”, translated “Spear of the Nation” or  “MK” for short. Mandela was personally trained by murderer Che Guevara and the Cuban secret intelligence service (DGI) to make bombs and blow people up – which he did in great quantity.

Mandela and his MK were directly responsible for the manufacture, planting, and detonation of bombs at railway stations, shopping centers, bars, post offices, inside churches, and in the 1980′s even inside video arcades. Civilians were their primary target of terror, and they mostly killed and wounded blacks. Mandela’s MK also routinely tortured and executed civilians which didn’t support the ANC’s communist “revolution” which was being directed by the Soviet Union.

After being arrested for acts of terrorism in 1962, Mandela (who was a lawyer) pleaded guilty to 156 acts of terrorism. He also helped obtain and manufacture tons of explosives. According to the evidence submitted in court this included 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder and a ton of black powder. Mandela got off light with only a life sentence, he could have easily gotten the death penalty for high treason.

On Fox News “Special Report” on December 5th, Jesse Jackson admitted that Nelson Mandela even told him that he was actively planning the bombings of schools before he got caught. Did Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. ever do that?! Yet, Jesse Jackson still considers this bloody terrorist a hero.

Here is a short list of some of the orchestrated carnage Mandela’s MK terrorists carried out for him and the ANC while he was in prison:

1981 – 2 car bombs at Durban showrooms
1983 – Church Street Bomb (killed 19, wounded 217)
1984 – Durban car bomb (killed 5, wounded 27)
1985-1987 – At least 150 landmines on farm roads (killed 125)
1985 – Amanzimtoti Sanlam shopping centre bomb Dec 23 (killed 5)
1986 – Magoo’s Bar bomb (killed 3, wounded 69)
1986 – Newcastle Court bomb (wounded 24)
1987 – Johannesburg Court bomb (killed 3, wounded 10)
1987 – Wits command centre car bomb (killed 1, wounded 68)
1988 – Johannesburg video arcade (killed 1 unborn baby, wounded 10)
1988 – Roodepoort bank bomb (killed 4, wounded 18)
1988 – Pretoria Police housing unit, 2 bombs (wounded 3)
1988 – Magistrate’s Court bomb (killed 3)
1988 – Benoni Wimpy Bar bomb (killed 1, wounded 56)
1988 – Witbank shopping centre bomb (killed 2, wounded 42)
1988 – Ellis Park Rugby Stadium car bomb (killed 2, wounded 37)

But, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The ANC’s greatest contribution to modern terrorism was an entirely new form of execution which they perfected and called “necklacing”. The victim to be executed was tightly bound, then a tire filled with gasoline was forced around the victim’s chest and arms, and then it was set on fire. Time to break out the hotdogs and marshmallows, because it could take over 20 minutes for the poor, screaming, burning victim to finally die.

1,000 blacks were burned to death by ANC “Necklacing”

While Nelson Mandela was serving his prison sentence, his loving communist wife Winnie (who later was found guilty in court for personally torchering a 14 year old boy named James Seipei to death) helped keep the violent flames of the revolution burning by publicly endorsing “necklacing” to all her fellow ANC/MK comrades.


“With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country!” — Winnie Mandela

On January 13st  1985, South African State President P. W. Botha kindly offered the world’s most beloved terrorist a conditional release. The conditions were this, if Mandela would simply renounce violence as a means to bring about change in South Africa he could go scot-free. Mandela flatly refused, since he preferred prison over non-violence.

Both Margaret Thatcher and president Ronald Reagan recognized the ANC as a communist terrorist organization during the Cold War, as did most other leaders throughout the free world. In 1990 Mandela was released from prison without renouncing violence or terrorism. The American State Department had already declared the ANC a “terrorist organization” and rightly placed Mandela on their terrorist watch list, where he remained until 2008.

Over the years the worlds most beloved terrorist also supported and befriended many other like minded murderers from around the globe, including PLO terrorist Yasser Arafat, Muammar Gaddafi, and Fidel Castro. Concerning Fidel and communist Cuba (which Castro turned into a veritable hellhole) Mandela said:

“Long live the Cuban revolution. Long live comrade Fidel Castro … Cuban internationalists have done so much for African independence, freedom and justice. We admire the sacrifices of the Cuban people in maintaining their independence and sovereignty in the face of a vicious imperialist campaign designed to destroy the advances of the Cuban revolution. We too want to control our destiny. … There can be no surrender. It is a case of freedom or death. The Cuban revolution has been a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people!”

And even though communist regimes had already murdered tens of millions of their own citizens during the first half of last century, Nelson Mandela still proclaimed in 1961:

“The cause of communism is the greatest cause in the history of mankind!”

During South Africa’s Apartheid years, the country was the migratory destination for Africans from all over the continent because even under Apartheid (as bad as it was) blacks in South Africa lived far better off than they did in the African countries ruled by black communists.

Today, thanks to Mandela and the ANC, South Africa is ruled by communists too, and rapidly sliding toward becoming another Zimbabwe where government sponsored rape, theft, and murder of all races is the norm. Since Mandela came to power in 1994 approximately 300,000 people have been murdered in South Africa and the economy had been decimated.

Yes, Nelson Mandela helped end apartheid, but the only method he ever attempted to use to achieve his goal was a violent, racist, communist revolution which blew-up and burned to death scores of civilians on purpose.

The real historical Nelson Mandela left a legacy which is one of spreading hate, communism, racism, cultural division, bloodshed, fear, terror, poverty, disease and death. He was a god hating, unrepentant terrorist and hardened communist to his dying day and should be remembered as such. But he won’t be by most because the world has been sold a monstrous cleverly crafted and packaged lie:

“Nelson Mandela was a kind, peaceful, saintly man, who was a champion for freedom. He was  almost Christ-like.”

The fact that so many around the world believe that lie testifies to how far gone the world really is. If the entire world accepts a hardened communist and terrorist as a saint what will stop the world from accepting the Anti-Christ???

Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro

Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro. Two communist murders made for each other.

Jesus warned to not be deceived in the last days:

“Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time has drawn near.’ Therefore do not go after them. But when you hear of wars and commotions, do not be terrified; for these things must come to pass first, but the end will not come immediately.”

We are so close to the Tribulation that some days I wake up and can smell the smoke.

Seek the Truth and don’t be deceived!

Have a blessed day.

Sean Kirkpatrick

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