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The Attributes of God (2012-12-30)

In our Christian walk to better understand and follow our LORD (YHWH), I highly recommend spending time thinking about His numerous divine attributes as clearly revealed to us in the Bible (Revealed Theology), but also through logic, reason, science, nature, and ordinary experience (Natural Theology). One thing to keep in mind though, is since God […] “We proclaim Jesus Christ!” (2012-12-24)

You’ve probably already seen the above photo of the huge 2012 Christmas billboard proudly being displayed in New York City’s Time Square which compares Santa Claus to the crucified Jesus of Nazareth. The sign reads: “Keep the Merry! Dump the Myth!” The billboard was paid for by the religious non-profit organization American Atheists ( which […]

The Nature of Good and Evil (2012-12-23)

. Pet theories abound for who or what is truly responsible for the recent massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, but the one thing people of all stripes seem to be in agreement on is that the mindless slaughter of innocents is not only socially unacceptable – it is evil. For example, take […]

A Call to Righteous Action (2012-12-15)

The re-election of Obama was extremely unfortunate, but should not have been very surprising. Remember, this year the majority of delegates at the Democratic National Convention actually shook their fists and booed three times in anger on national TV to publicly acknowledge their absolute disdain for Almighty God, the Holy Bible, His chosen people, His […]