Mr. Atheist, Why do you wear clothes?

Below is an extremely amusing account by Christian speaker, writer, and researcher Bodie Hodge from Answers in Genesis. Enjoy!:


“One day I was called to deal with an evolutionary atheist who was questioning a young Christian lady. As I approached, the atheist was firing off question after question to the lady and not even permitting her to respond. Every time she tried, he would ask another question with a rather aggressive tone.

“When I entered into the conversation the skeptic turned to me and then, he went into a tirade of questions attacking Christianity one question after another… with me. Every time I tried to respond, he cut me off with another question.

“I realized that he obviously didn’t believe the Bible and that was one of the main issues, besides the fact that he didn’t want to hear a response. While he was taking a breath. I slipped in a question that silenced him. I asked him, ‘Why are you wearing clothes?’ He was shocked speechless. So I asked again and then said something to the effect that ‘animals don’t get up in the morning and put clothes on.’ I continued by saying, ‘You are an atheist, right, where you believe people are just animals, so why are you wearing clothes?’

“Then he paused and thought for a moment and said. ‘Because it’s cold.’ So I instantly came back and said, ‘When it warms up you don’t wear clothes?’ Obviously, he had not considered, in his professed worldview, why he wore clothes, yet there he was, with shirt and pants on!

“I explained that he wears clothes because in a literal Genesis, a literal Adam and a literal Eve ate a literal fruit and literally disobeyed God and that caused us to be literally shameful. God killed an animal and clothed Adam and Eve. So we wear clothes as a result. And in your heart of hearts, you know God exists and the Bible is true, as your actions reveal that you know you are shameful (Romans 1:1-32).

“Then l noticed he was wearing a wedding ring. So l asked, ‘Why did you get married?’ He said because he loved his wife. I pointed out that love, in an atheistic worldview is no different from sadness, both being chemical reactions in the brain that are essentially meaningless (yep. . . that is what atheists really believe!). Love exists in a Christian worldview where we are made in the image of a loving God.

“I also pointed out that getting married is contrary to what atheists would teach. You have one basic goal in an atheistic evolutionary story: to pass on your genes to as many people as you can. Getting married and being faithful to one woman (which he said he was and we need to understand is the only biblical teaching on marriage, by the way) is going against what an evolutionary atheist professes should be going on. I continued by saying that marriage comes from the Bible, specifically in Genesis, because God created a literal man and a literal woman, hence the first marriage.

“After all this, the atheist just stopped to think about what we had discussed (obviously not wanting to believe it). His hostile tone was gone and he realized that he didn’t have answers to defend his atheistic worldview.

“What I needed to do was show him that even though he claimed to be an atheist and evolutionist, he had no basis in his religion to wear clothes or get married. Those things come from the Bible being true! So I needed to show him where he was borrowing from the Bible. It just goes to reveal how people know the Bible’s true in their hearts (Romans 2:15) and inadvertently live their lives according to it many times, yet in their own religions say they don’t believe it is true. They must borrow from the Bible even to argue against it!” – “Answers Book for Teens: Your Questions, God’s Answers“, by Bodie Hodge & Tommy Mitchell, with Ken Ham, pg. 9-11


Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.” – Romans 2:14-15


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Sean Kirkpatrick

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