The American Form of Government

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” – Hosea 4:6

Since the truth about America’s form of government is so rarely taught accurately in public schools or on college campuses I thought I would post this video which correctly explains the various forms of government and why our Founding Fathers chose to create a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy or Oligarchy.

This video was made long before the anarchist Occupy Wall Street movement got started last year. I mention this because as you will see, there has been a long held historically proven method where a group of elites purposely use “Democracy”, “lawlessness”, and manufactured “Crisis” to turn a Republic (ruled by law) into an Oligarchy (ruled by them). Unfortunately, this method is being used by our own elected officials (on both sides of the isle) in Washington today. The November elections cannot come soon enough.



Have a blessed day.


Sean Kirkpatrick

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