What is your Worldview? Is it Biblical or not?

Everyone has a worldview. Your worldview reflects how you perceive reality and everything around you. Do you believe God exists? If He does, is He really relevant to your life? Do you believe in moral absolutes? Is truth relative? Do you believe mankind was created in the image of God or did mankind evolve by chance out of a primordial soup. Does it even matter? How you answer these questions and more will shape your worldview.

Please watch this excellent four part video by Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham, as he explains the opposing worldviews in American society today and how to make sure you hold to a correct Biblical one.

War of the Worldviews, Part 1 – With Ken Ham (intro by Bill Jack)

War of the Worldviews, Part 2 – With Ken Ham

War of the Worldviews, Part 3 – With Ken Ham

War of the Worldviews, Part 4 – With Ken Ham

Some more videos I recommend everyone watch are:

Counterfeit Reality with Bill Jack


Simple Tools for Brain Surgery with Bill Jack

All these videos are part of an extensive study course entitled: Demolishing Strongholds Study Series (For Teens), but this course is great for adults too!

The course can be purchased at the Answers in Genesis Book Store.

Have a blessed day!

Sean Kirkpatrick


Sean Kirkpatrick posted at 2011-8-24 Category: Worldviews