Pulling down Strongholds

For well over forty years in the United States, our children have gone through the public school system and been bombarded with false secular humanist ideologies and philosophies. Behind parents backs, the meaning of much of our common vocabulary has been twisted and distorted. Christian parents need to fully understand that they may not speak the same language as their own child.

Take the word ‘tolerance’. When I grew up, being ‘tolerant’ meant: To put up with someone else’s opinion, even though I may not like it or agree with it.

But, now ‘tolerant’ means: We must accept the views, opinions, beliefs, and practices of others as being equally valid as our own.

By simply changing the meaning of word ‘tolerant’, all practices, actions, beliefs, and opinions are now equally valid. What was once considered ‘wrong’ is now equally valid with what is right. The new cardinal sin in American society is being ‘intolerant of others’, unless of course you are being intolerant of Christians or those who hold to traditional family values. That’s perfectly okay.

The strategy to twist the meaning of words to ultimately silence or marginalize a select group of people, is a key component of ‘political correctness’. Another term for it is “Cultural Marxism”. People may laugh at political correctness, but it is a deadly serious mix of philosophies which came right out of the writings of Karl Marx, Sigmond Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, and George Hegel. John Dewey who worked for Columbia University in the 1930′s invited a group of Marxist German intellectuals known as the ‘Frankfurt School’ to America for a devious purpose. To destroy America from the inside out by infesting the public schools, college campuses, the media, and the Government with fellow Marxists who would slowly demolish Americas core foundation. Then a new Marxist utopia could emerge from the ashes.

Brannon Howse writes in his book Grave Influence: “Political correctness is all about destroying the American Family, replacing the role of the father with the role of the state, normalizing sexual perversion, and ridiculing traditional morals and virtues that stem from Christianity. The PC crowd uses this chaos to justify more government.”

Political correctness has been extremely successful in America. But, how do we fight it? We simply expose it every chance we get for the pack of lies it is. Armed with God’s inerrant word, understanding absolute truth, and by using the simple laws of logic, secular humanistic philosophies instantly come crashing down. All secular humanistic philosophies are self-defeating in one form or another. They all fail to meet their own standard because they are all built upon foundations which are not true.

The Second Law of Logic is The Law on Contradiction. It states that A cannot be A and not A at the same time and in the same relationship. It means that completely contradictory statements are always false. By using logic we can easily expose things which are not true. A contradictory self-defeating statement is one that completely cancels itself out. In math  1+(-1) = 0. That equation cancels itself out, so that the result equals nothing. What is the definition of nothing? According to Aristotle: “Nothing is that which rocks dream about.” And that is exactly what the foundation of all false philosophies, ideologies, and religions rest upon.

Let’s use the Law of Contradiction to put an arrow through the heart of ‘intolerance’:

Joe says to me, “You are being so intolerant by saying that homosexuality is a perversion.”

My reply: “Well Joe, I completely disagree that I am being intolerant. But let’s just say for the sake of argument that I was. Aren’t you being intolerant of my intolerance?”

By just asking a simple question, I have in-effect, done a complete reversal on him. I am now forced my humanist friend to attempt to test his own flawed philosophy upon himself instead of everyone else. If he is thinking straight and being honest he will see the glaring contradiction which proves his own philosophy is false.

I’ll give you some more examples:

An agnostic believes that he cannot know God. How does he know he cannot know God? Again it’s self defeating.

The postmodernist says there is no such thing as truth. Is that true?

The relativist believes that all truth is relative. Is that a relative truth?

The skeptic believes no one knows anything. How does he know that?

The next time someone says to you, “There are no absolutes.” Just reply back, “Are you absolutely sure?”

This tactic is amazing for striking at the foundation of false philosophies, ideologies, beliefs, and religions. In summary, simply turn the humanists own words into simple logical questions pointed right back at them. Their foundation will not hold mustard because they are not standing upon Truth. Then by the grace of God you can lead them to a rock solid foundation in Christ.

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ - 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Have a Blessed Day!

Sean Kirkpatrick

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Sean Kirkpatrick posted at 2011-8-5 Category: Truth and Logic