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What is your Worldview? Is it Biblical or not? (2011-8-24)

Everyone has a worldview. Your worldview reflects how you perceive reality and everything around you. Do you believe God exists? If He does, is He really relevant to your life? Do you believe in moral absolutes? Is truth relative? Do you believe mankind was created in the image of God or did mankind evolve by […]

Which Religion is the Right One? (2011-8-21)

Have you ever asked yourself: With all the thousands and thousands of religions in the world, how can anyone know for sure which is the right one? How can anyone know with absolute certainty that their religion is correct and that all the others are wrong? Most religions are exclusive. For instance, the Koran clearly […]

Just for Laughs (2011-8-19)

Where Were you When I laid the Foundations of the Earth? (2011-8-16)

It is an exciting time to be alive if you are a Christian and stand upon God’s infallible Word. Almost every day new discoveries are made in Biology, Archeology, Astronomy, Paleontology, and Geology which keep confirming the accuracy of the Bible. Unfortunately, I still often read books and articles by well intentioned Christians which basically […]

Learn to Discern (2011-8-12)

Here is another four part video with Bill Jack entitled: “Counterfeit Reality”. Here Bill explains to teenagers, how to discern truth from fiction. He also explains in detail the difference between scientific assumptions and observational facts. This is a must watch for Christian and non-Christian alike. Counterfeit Reality, Part 1 – With Bill Jack Counterfeit […]